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Get Fit

Get Fit Aerobics Hi-Lo Conditioning and toning class at Club-K in Hextable, Kent

A great all over toning and training class. 

This class will burn fat and tone all of those important areas (including the three A's).

To start the class we prepare you with a gentle fun warm up.

This is followed by light resistance training using the GYMSTICK and resistance tubes to tone the muscles and pre burn all the stored energy in your muscles before moving on to the cardio fat burn section.

As the toning section burnt through any stored energy in the muscles there is only one thing left to start burning and that's your fat.

To burn fat we use low impact aerobics incorporated with a core ball.  This gentle steady state duration training encourages your body to release its energy from fat, all with out having to do a jumping jack, a star jump or any running!

Finally we finish with that all important blast to the core.  Helping you to tone the belly, back and sides.

This is a great class for those wanting to start on a journey of fitness.







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