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2 of these lovely ladies lost 6cm off their waist each, in just 5 weeks in January 2018




Starting Monday 2nd July 2018 8:30pm at Club-K in Hextable, Kent

Does not run on Bank Holidays.

Spaces are limited Book now via the Pay Pal Buy Now button below

July/August Course 50



Each course comes with 65 worth of added extras including


This is done after the first and last class of the course with an option of one half way through.

The body composition tests record Weight, Body fat %, Muscle %, Visceral fat, BMI and measures you waist, hips, thigh and upper arms.

This set of test allows you to see just how far you come in the Course.

You will receive the Exclusive Club-K Food diary.

Your Level 3 Nutrition and weight management qualified instructor will then offer realistic, bespoke alterations to help you achieve even more success through your eating habits.


Due to the success of the INSANITY home DVD work out, selling millions of copies world wide, Shaun T, the creator has put his expertise in to a class, with a new round every 8 weeks. 

 Each round contains a Warm up, then 4 blocks max of interval training.

Plyometrics & Speed, Strength & Balance, Agility & Coordination, core and back.

Each Block has 3 sets of 4 exercises done for 30 secs before a 30 sec break.

 on the third set there is a power block finish.

There is a Dig Deeper section to really fire up the epoch effect and ensure that you burn fat for the next 18-24 hours.

 Finally a stretch cool down to help aid recovery.

No rhythm required!

This class is NOT included in a membership  (PAYG 7)

Body composition testing and nutrition advice not available PAYG

Courses start in January, March, May, July, September and November as each new round is released.


If you need more info feel free to contact us on the email form below or email directly luke@club-k.club











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