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Bungee Fit


Bungee fit is the awesome new training method to hit the fitness scene We are delighted to be the first to get this in Kent.

The first thing to tell you about the Bungee fit class class is that it is even more FUN than it looks!

This 30 min class has been designed around the principles that Professor Tabata has discovered around HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest repeated for 8 cycles to create 1 Tabata. There is a warm up followed by 5 Tabatas and finishing with a cool down stretch.

Tabata 1 Lower Body
Tabata 2 Plyometrics
Tabata 3 Upper body
Tabata 4 Fly
Tabata 5 Core

The Tabatas have been loaded to get the most out of the training to really increase the Revved up effect of the bungee.


Bungee Fit is a great class but its not for everyone.  Below is the bungee breakers list of contraindications that mean you can not do the Bungee.

Bungee Breakers

No Pregnancy

No Back surgery

(some diagnosed back issues would also be unadvisable)

80kg (12.6 stone) maximum weight

(you will be weighed!)

Its better to ask us if not sure!

Due to health and safety we only have 6 Bungees.  Because of this, the class runs as a month long course to ensure each bungee is used.

Class Members Non-Members
Bungee Fit Course

4 week course

5 week course

25% off








Due to the massive popularity of this class we are willing to put on a course, where we can, when the studio is free.

In order to put a class on, there would have to be 6 people willing to do the course for a calendar month.



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