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After more than 20 years in the leisure, sport, health and fitness industry I have found real reward in helping people get what they feel is like their lives back. 

Be it helping them lose weight, become free from pain or get their bodies ready and able for every day life. 

After years of teaching group fitness and Personal Training I wanted to help people even more and spent a number of years training to be come a specialist in GP exercise referral for medical conditions.  Working with the Larkfied Leisure Centre GP referral team helping clients this way has lead me into training more deeply into specific medical conditions which are helped by exercise such as Low Back Pain, Diabetes and Obesity

To add to this I have also trained in Pilates Exercise Therapy which compliment and adds to all of the exercise referral training. This continued on to Sports Massage Therapy which has helped me to be able to get joints mobile faster and to aid in the healing process.

All of these Clinical and Therapeutic training combine well to help people out of pain and with specific medical conditions to get themselves back to their normal.

Quiet often people are unaware of just how much their lives are affected until after we have fixed them together.  From simple tasks like being able to put socks on through to being free from back pain and able to spend an evening cuddled up with a loved one on the sofa to just getting a full nights sleep.

These results are why I moved in to this field helping people get their quality of life back, and being able to then enjoy life with friends and family.

All of the specialist trainings are grouped here under one price as it is usually a combination of all these expertise that allow for the greatest and sometimes fastest results.



Review Pilates Therapy for Sciatica


I suffer with severe sciatica from my right side lower back down to my knee.  I have had this for 16 years and have been taking various pain relief on a weekly sometimes daily basis.  I then started pilates therapy with Luke, to which I can not thank him enough for.  I was unable to perform a simple squat, and my range of movement was very limited due to the pain I would receive.  I can now squat properly, have a whole range of movement back and have not had any pain relief for my sciatica for the last month, which after 16 years is the most amazing feeling in the world.  I have seen various different people in the medical profession, all of which have not made the slight bit of difference and was heading down the road of having an operation.  Luke came to my rescue, he has helped with the pain and manouverability, he also explains everything in the most simpliest way possible, making your "homework excersise" a lot easier.  You also know why your doing what your doing, and why I shall be doing my excersises's for the rest of my life.  He made me feel extremely comfortable and at ease.  I can not recommend him enough, so thank you Luke


Jenny, Hextable


As with all training there will be an initial consultation to assess and to choose course of action to be followed.  There will be a time of information gathering and discussion so we can have an informed agreed consent on how best to test the problem and what works for both your goals and what you feel comfortable with to achieve them.  You are in control of the training and we work together to find a way to get the desired results within your pain thresholds. 

The phrase "no pain No gain" is NEVER used in these sessions.  I have found my clients best and fastest results come when there is No pain at all in the training.

You will be given homework to help you along.  Those clients that do their homework get the fastest results and are free from pain in a shorter timescale. 

Each person is an individual and we will differ in our approach to get you to your goal.

When can I do it?

There are the following appointment slots at Club-K, on the hour and half hour.

Monday     11:30-13:30   17:30 - 19:30
Tuesday 09:30-10:30   11:30-13:30   19:00 -21:30
Thursday     10:30-13:30   20:30 -21:30





Review Pilates Therapy for Hip & Low Back Pain


I had been experiencing a niggling hip pain for a couple of years, and it had become something I learned to live with. However, around June 2017, and almost overnight, this became a very painful and debilitating condition. I started to experience much sharper pain in my hip, I was unable to bend forward to even think about attempting to touch my toes, and sitting for more than 10 mins at work meant I was having to stand up. At it's worst the pain was causing me to wake up each night in a lot of discomfort - often forcing me to take pain killers. I was unable to sleep on either side, and often the only way I could get back to sleep was to lay on my front.


I had already been seeing a chiropractor when this condition flared up, but he was making no real attempt to fix this specific issue. As a result I turned to a Bupa approved physiotherapist. I visited this physio weekly, sometimes multiple times, for a period of around 10 weeks - and despite an initial improvement, at the end of the 10 week period I was in no better condition to when I begun, and Bupa no longer approved further sessions.


I had reached a point where I wondered if I would ever be rid of the condition, but I was advised by my wife to "go and see Luke". She had been taking Luke's Pilates classes and she knew he had been providing Pilates Therapy to many others, all with successful results. I had nothing to lose at this point.


After the first session or two, I was not convinced that this treatment would help, as the exercises were so gentle and light. However, after a couple more weeks I started to see the first signs of improvement - both in terms of less pain and increased range of motion. Over the course of the next 6-8 weeks, I had become completely pain free. I was sleeping through the night, and at no point was I requiring any form of pain killer. Amazing! At the end of the Pilates Therapy sessions with Luke, I was once again able to completely bend forward to touch my toes, and I have even started to see an overall better flexibility and range of motion in my legs/hips than I had experienced for a few years.


I would recommend Luke to anyone experiencing any form of injury or pain. He is a very knowledgeable, warm and friendly therapist, he makes it completely clear what the plan of action is from the off and explains all reasoning behind the exercises that he introduces. I cannot thank him enough for the help he has given me.


Tony, Swanley



What are the different conditions that you have been trained to help with?




Low Back Pain, Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolic syndrome

Hypertension (high blood pressure), Hypercholesterolaemia (high cholesterol), COPD, Ashtma, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Total Joint Replacement, Depression, Anxiety, Stress.



Body Area Conditions

General shoulder pain, Impingement Syndrome, Adhesive capsulitis, Rotator cuff strain, Upper crossed.


Elbow, Wrist and Hand  

over use injuries, lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow), Medial Epicondylitis (Golfers Elbow), Compartment syndrome, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Repetitive strain injury, Bursitis.



General groin pain/ STRAIN, SI Joint Dysfunction, Piriformis Syndrome, Snapping hip Syndrome, Hernia, Hip Bursitis, Osteitis Pubis, Lower cross Syndrome, Ligament injuries, Osteoarthritis.



ITB Syndrome, Chondro Malatia patella,Patella tendonitis, Ligament prains, Hamstring Tendinosis, Bursitis.



Shin splints, General lower leg injuries, Ligament injuries, compartment syndrome, Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome, Plantur Fasciitis, CAI, Achilles Tendonosis.



Postural dysfunctions, Low Back Pain, Prolapsed disc, Facet joint irritation, Spondylosis, Spondylitis, Spondylolysis.




Review Pilates Therapy for Hip & Low Back Pain


After MRI - I was told by spinal surgeon I had :-


Post traumatic coccydunia

Trochanteric pain

Lower lumbar spondylosis


After being in pain for 4 years and constant visits to an osteopath - I finally came across Luke.


With simple exercises daily I started to see a difference within a few weeks - by week 3 hip pain had gone and walking up and downstairs became easier.


So here we are 5 months later and I am completely pain free - no more backache


Luke is kind, caring, patient, non-judgemental but most of all he knows his stuff - he is amazing.


Linda, Wilmington



Clinical / Therapy Training Members Non-Members
1/2 hour 30 35
1 month

4 X 1/2 hour sessions   (1 Session a week)

115 135
Block of 10 1/2 hour training sessions 280 340


The only question to ask now is how do I get onboard become a fitter healthier and happier me?

Well this is the easiest bit just call or text me on 07531 885 661

If I am training someone leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I have finished.

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