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Join our awesome Members
Membership Included Price
Digital Access to the Club-K.online Library of pre recorded classes 4.99
a month by PayPal Subscription
Club Class Unlimited access to Club-K classes in club in person.
(this does not include courses or classes taught by our partners)


Access to our private members group on facebook.


Access to our Digital  service

a calendar month by Direct Debit

(3 month minimum term)





Day Time Class Duration PAYG
Monday 09:30 Get Fit 50 mins 15
10:30 Back Care Pilates 50 mins 15
19:00 Ripped 30 mins 15
19:30 Pilates 50 mins 15
20:30 Bungee Fit* 30 mins 15
Tuesday 10:30 Total Body 50 mins 15
Wednesday 18:45 Ripped 30 mins 15
19:30 Disco Fit 50 mins 15
Thursday 09:30 Pilates 50 mins 15
19:30 Back Care Pilates 50 mins 15
Friday 09:30 Stretch & Tone 50 mins 15
10:30 Ripped 30 mins 15

Do all these classes for no extra cost with in your membership.

Classes must be booked
*Bungee Fit runs separately to membership

**In the event of Instructor sickness or absence every effort will be made to replace the class with like for like or an online alternative for members.
In the event of the arrival of any one, or up to all of the four horses of the apocalypse every attempt will be made to provide an online timetable.




Membership gives you

25% off

Discount on

Personal Training
Sports & Remedial Massage
Dry Needling (acupuncture)
Sports Taping & Strapping



***Club-K is always closed for Bank Holidays (Thursday to Tuesday) and will also be closed for two weeks over Christmas and New Year and one week near Easter for maintenance.
We have spread the cost over the year to create one price per month taking into consideration these breaks in service.

Upcoming scheduled closed days

Christmas - Monday 18th December 2023 - Monday 1st January 2024

instructor maintenance - Monday 11th March 2024 - Friday 15th March 2024 - Reduced and virtual class timetable

Easter - Friday 29th March 2024 - Monday 1st April 2024

Bank Holiday - Monday 6th May

Bank Holiday - Thursday 23rd May 2024 - Monday 27th May 2024

Bank Holiday - Thursday 22nd August 2024 - Monday 26th August 2024

Christmas - Monday 23rd December 2024 - Friday 5th January 2025


Club-K Rules

1. No outdoor shoes to be worn in the training areas.

2. If you use it. You clean it and put it away.

3. Respect your fellow members and Instructors.
Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.

4. Entry to classes after warm up will not be permitted.

5. Late to class or phones going off will incur a 1 donation to the club charity.

6. Park inside the lines.

7. Squares in the studio are first come first served. 
(Nobody has a spot)

8. Personal belongings must be stored in the box shelves and on coat racks at the back of the studio. Never on the floor.

9. All classes must be booked prior to attending.

10. The management reserves the right to change any and all  choreography without any prior warning or notice.


Direct Debits

Membership comes with a 3 month minimum period.

Direct debits are taken on the 28th of the month for the following calendar month.
for example payment on the 28th December is for the month of January

By becoming a Club-K Member you agree to Club-K's Terms & conditions and to follow all the club rules.

The management reserves the right to terminate Membership for breach of the rules with no refund for the remainder of the month.

Sign up prior to the 28th of the month will be charged at 10 for each full week prior to the end of the month to be paid in club.

Cancellations must be made in writing before the 14th of the month.

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