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Personal training can be catered for specific goals such as getting ready for weddings, holidays, sporting events or just general weight loss, health and fitness.   


I have found this training highly rewarding as I see people becoming not only fitter but healthier, happier and quite often more confident!  It has been great to see clients start by taking their biggest and scariest step of walking through the door and growing into the person they have envisioned for themselves, through mutually agreed and realistic goals.  This type of training is great for those that feel they are beginners or haven't done anything for a long time, or are maybe a bit scared to work out in a class until they know what they are doing.


Through the use of diet and nutrition advice combined with personal training, Smart goal setting and continued support I educate and assist my clients into obtaining and keeping their fitness, weight and size goals. 


Together we create a new set of habits that will help you take your life and body forward in a way that can be sustained in to the future, even after you have reached your goal and finished training with me.


The goal is to help you train new sets of habits that will keep you fit and healthy for the rest of your life, but still allow you to do, and to eat the fun stuff in life.  


All Personal Training sessions are carried out at Club-K our training centre in Hextable which is between Swanley or Dartford in Kent. Very close to Bexley, Sidcup, Crocken Hill, Sutton at hone or Wilmington.


Personal Training is about having a tailor made Programme, which is geared towards obtaining the goals that you have set and to get you there in the best way for you. 



Review Personal Training (PT)


Scared? Yes I was scared. I'd booked a potentially exciting walking holiday which was much more challenging than anything I had tackled in recent years. It involved vertical ladders on rock faces, very steep steps up and down mountains and miles, lots of miles each day. And I wasn't fit enough. What to do? Well, book LUKE for 10 sessions of P.T, an hour a week each week before the holiday.

Luke tailored the P.T to what I needed I.e cardio and leg strength. Each week he pushed me beyond what I thought I could do and motivated me when I couldn't motivate myself. The holiday arrived. I completed each day of walking and I certainly wasn't the slowest and weakest walker in the group. Luke had the confidence that I could do it when I lacked that confidence. Thanks Luke

(As an added bonus, I lost 6cm from my waist by the end of the P.T!)


Lesley, Hextable


If you would like personal training, we start with a FREE session!

The session would last about an hour and in that time we can find out what your goals are.  Where we are starting from.  What could be the best way to get you to where you want to be.  All in a way that best suits your mindset, your fitness and your wallet.



When can I do it?

There are the following appointment slots at Club-K, on the hour and half hour.

Monday     11:30-13:30   17:30 - 19:30
Tuesday 09:30-10:30   11:30-13:30   19:00 -21:30
Thursday     10:30-13:30   20:30 -21:30


Duo training (with partner, friend or family) also available

Personal Training Package Members Non-Members
1/2 hour 25 Members only
1 hour 40 50
1 month

4 X 1 hour sessions   (1 Session a week)

150 180
Block of 10 1 hour training sessions 350 475


Personal Training Package Members Non-Members

Training session plan only (recommended update every 6-8 weeks.)

30 35

Nutrition advice plan

30 35

Body Composition testing (fat%, Muscle%, Visceral fat)

10 15


The only question to ask now is how do I get onboard become a fitter healthier and happier me?

Well this is the easiest bit just call or text me on 07531 885 661

If I am training someone leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I have finished.

or alternatively just fill in the email form at the bottom of the page and we can communicate or direct via email to hello@club-k.club

or book directly below













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