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Disco Fit

Due to overwhelming popularity Disco Fit is now a members only class.

Disco Fit (dance fitness class)  at Club-K in Hextable, Kent

A fun dance based fitness class under disco lights with great sounds which is perfect for all abilities who want to work out by doing something fun that doesn't feel like a work out.

Using simple choreography to allow you let your hair down and have a great time. 

Containing music from classic disco tracks, sneaking in some guilty Cheesy Pop pleasures that you normally sing into your hair brush, through to modern popular music.

Combining this great music with cardio aerobic moves inspired by different styles of dance including street jazz, Latin, Hip hop, contemporary even been known to throw in some Morris dancing just for the giggle of it.

If your the kind of person that loves to sing and dance along to the radio when no one is looking.  You know that your hips seem to go round one way but don't seem to work the other way, then this is something you will love!

The emphasis is placed on having a good time so your smile muscles get as much work as your heart and your body.

Step back in time, shake your groove thing and keep on dancing till the world ends!

Check out our flash mob display team performing at the Hextable Village Pre-School Fayre








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